Hillside Family Shelter

CCA's Hillside Family Shelter provides temporary housing (30-60 days) for families who are homeless or poor. A family is defined as a household with at least one child.


The name "Hillside" was chosen for this program for two reasons. First, because both sites are located on the hill side of New Haven and second, because hillside is defined as “the point between the bottom and top of a hill." Appropriate, given that the goal of the program is to help families move up from homelessness and reach the top of the hill.


Hillside Family Shelter works to manage stress and increase focus on obtaining permanent housing and employment. We believe families that are homeless deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, which is an essential first step toward breaking the cycle of homelessness. In addition, we believe that reducing stress in families’ lives by providing adequate living space will increase their chances of making the initial steps towards self-sufficiency. It is because of these two beliefs that we provide a furnished unit for 30-60 days through a program less burdened with rules and regulations.


Services: Housing (30-60 days maximum), case management, food pantry, daycare through LULAC Headstart, Inc.; referrals


Facilities: Sylvan site -10 furnished units; Davenport site – 7 furnished units. Units range in size from one room efficiencies to three bedrooms, accommodating a range of family sizes.


Requirements: Applicants must have at least one head of household and one minor to qualify and household income must be below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).


Please contact (203) 777-7848 to learn more.