Mothers (and Others) for Justice


Mothers (and Others) For Justice (MOFJ) is CCA’s grassroots advocacy group that works to bring about systemic changes in public policy.


Services: empowerment workshops; action-oriented group meetings


Requirements: Attend three meetings to become a member


History: The group was founded as Mothers For Justice in 1993 by women receiving services from CCA who came together to influence governmental efforts to reform the welfare system. Since then, members have been actively engaged in promoting change in programs and policies that improve the lives of women and their children. In 2018, the group revised its name to inclusively reflect its committed members who are not mothers and who are not women. MOFJ is consistently recognized by the Connecticut General Assembly and by professional advocates throughout the state as an authentic, persistent and consistent voice for people who are poor.


MOFJ has consistently testified before the Connecticut General Assembly on the need to increase funding for safety net programs and on other issues that affect people who are homeless or living below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).


MOFJ joined efforts with the New Haven Prison Entry Roundtable and supported a bill in the Connecticut General Assembly known as “Ban the Box," an act concerning criminal background checks for prospective state employees. The bill requires the removal of prejudicial language on initial state job applications so that individuals who have been incarcerated have increased opportunities to seek gainful employment. MOFJ was instrumental in advocating for this bill and it became law in July 2010.


In February 2010, MOFJ made a documentary, “Living in a Broken System.” The film featured individuals sharing their personal struggles and challenges living on the current welfare system. House Representative Toni Walker hosted the premier at the Connecticut General Assembly. The film has since been shown at numerous conferences and forums throughout the state.


MOFJ has also advocated for a state sponsored Earned Income Tax Credit, against budget cuts in health care and other social services and for affordable housing, employment and health care reform.


MOFJ’s advocacy is currently focused on three key issues:

  • The lack of affordable, safe housing in New Haven

  • Voter registration and engagement

  • Advocating for needed changes to ensure that all Connecticut residents have access to high-quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare.


The group meets on the fourth Wednesday evening of the month. Childcare and transportation are provided.


Please contact or call (203) 780-8335 to learn more.